The Poland Spring Inn

Location: Poland, Maine

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The Story

This case is of particular interest to me, as I grew up in this town and have spent a lot of time at The Poland Spring Inn throughout the years.

In 1975, while my mother was pregnant with me, my parents watched from their home in Poland as the Poland Spring House burned to the ground.

I have also had the pleasure of taking part in a wedding held at All Souls Chapel, as well as performing at the chapel during their annual concert series.

My aunt worked at the inn and lived with my family during the summer breaks when she was in college, so my sister and I could often be found running around and exploring both public and private areas of the inn.

Here is a popular ghost story found on the internet:

"The Poland Spring Inn is haunted by the first owner, the famous Hiram Ricker (founder of the Poland Spring water company). Several employees have seen the ghost of Hiram wandering the Inn. Some workers report hearing the voice of Hiram coming from vacant rooms, and his footsteps can be heard in the early hours of the morning in the empty lobby. He has also been known to play tricks on the staff by moving various objects to unusual places."

Here is my response to this story:

I have spent so much time in so many of the buildings at The Poland Spring Inn since 1975 that it is hard for me to remember details of the few paranormal experiences I had there. I do remember visiting the Guest Library at the Maine Inn with my sister one time and we got freaked out because we heard noises when nobody else was on that floor. There was, at that time, a book with historical records, photos and newspaper articles in it and that was what we were looking at when we heard the noises. We booked-it out of there (get it?)! We were somewhere around the ages of 10-12 or so at that time.

There was also the time that we did a concert at All Souls Chapel and we visited the building across the way afterwards... my sister and I played in the balconies while our parents visited with adults downstairs. I don't remember the specifics, but I do remember that my sister and I heard noises in the stairwells and the upper levels... noises like there was someone else besides us walking around those areas.